The exhaust silencers from Silentor combine patented sound-isolation techniques (both absorbent and reflective) with advanced aerodynamics. They distinguish themselves from traditional silencers because the development process focuses on all important parameters: sound attenuation level, pressure level and compactness. Silentor offers both standard solutions and customized solutions, in which all parameters can be aligned to each customer’s specification.


Silentor for the Marine Industry

Exhaust systems of ships can cause considerable noise pollution. Maneuvering in harbors, or the roar of auxiliary engines during docking, can be a nuisance to the environment. Even during sailing, persistent noise can be harmful to the crew. However, finding the right solution is often a difficult and a costly affair. In addition, there is usually insufficient space for placing larger exhaust silencers. Fortunately, Silentor Exhaust Silencers for marine engines offer a solution for you.

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More details about the exhaust silencers
  • Special low-frequency damping: Unlike traditional exhaust silencers, Silentor products have the ability to weaken all audible sounds for the human ear. Especially the low-frequency sound (LFG) that is a major factor in the overall sound level.
  • Fuel savings: pressure-recovering diffusers and other aerodynamic elements ensure strong noise reduction with a minimum of counter-pressure, to save fuel.
  • Compact: The application of advanced techniques makes Silentor exhaust silencers compact so that they can be easily built into existing spaces.
  • Longer lifespan: Silentor exhaust dampers have a strong, solid construction in favor of a long life span. The sound-absorbing materials in the dampers are protected against deterioration, which ensures the damping force is guaranteed.
  • Optimized for customer specification: Silentor exhaust dampers are optimized using computer simulations based on engine data, possible (space) constraints and the desired damping level. If desired, additional calculations can be made with regard to the pressure and noise level in the connection lines.
  • Interesting pricing level: Despite turn key solutions, we can offer a better working damper with longer service life than our competitors, at a favorable cost price.
  • Wide range of standard exhaust dampers. In addition to optimized exhaust dampers on customer specification, Silentor provides a wide range of standard dampers (from 3″ to 32″) with different sound attenuation levels.

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About Silentor

Silentor is a Danish based company developing, producing and marketing exhaust silencer solutions principally for diesel and gas engines. More than 43 years of research and development into silencing has created unique silencer principles. From being concentrated on research and development, Silentors focus is today widened to include an international commercialization of its technology.