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Escodisc: The maintenance-free disc coupling

ESCODISC disc couplings guarantees excellent quality and long service life. All of the development and manufacturing takes place at Esco. The coupling is specifically suitable for use at high temperatures, high speeds and in dusty environments (ATEX certification is possible). For ESCODISC couplings, maintenance and lubrication is not necessary. They are robust, strong, and reliable; and provide a perfect solution for the most complex applications.

Lamellenkoppelingen van ESCO
Escodisc disc couplings
  • Are produced using the most state-of-the-art design and production technologies (A.O. FEM analysis, laser cutting) in favor of maximum reliability
  • Are available in Explosion proof version ( ATEX certified)
  • Have a high torsional stiffness
  • The Disc Package are made of stainless steel
  • Escodisc couplings are provided with Geomet treated 12.9 bolts and 10-nuts
  • The 12.9-steel bolts also function as anti-fly-out system. In the unlikely event of a coil break, they keep the torque transfer in motion for some time, so that the installation can be stopped. They also ensure that the spacer unit is held in place
  • No buckling of the outer steel discs thanks to fillings in between the discs
  • The length of the spacer can be easily adjusted, this way also non-standard sizes can be supplied quickly
  • The standard ESCODISC coupling functions between-20 °c and 270 °c. For temperature ranges that fall outside this value there are special designs (on request)
  • Easy mounting and disassembly of the disc package
  • Disc package, Hubs and bolts are separately available and easily exchanged

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The DMU series couplings are versatile and can be used for high torque, large misalignment errors and large bores.

More about the DMU coupling

The coupling complies with API 610 Standard. The standard range DMU can transfer up to 260kNm torque (larger on request).

The Escodisc DMU coupling is also available in close coupled design (DMUCC). Due to its high torque and bore capacity, the DMU is a maintenance-free alternative to existing flexible or gear couplings. In addition, it is possible to assemble the coupling without axial displacement of the two connected machines.




The DPU series couplings will save you on average 50% on installation and maintenance costs! By using transport screws and a spacer, the DPU combines the characteristics of the DMU coupling with easy assembly.

More about the DPU coupling

By pre-assembly at the factory, the risk of error is minimized. This results in a reliable operation and longer service life of the coupling. Thanks to the engineering concept of the DPU (with centering edges and high production standard), it can be used for high-speed applications. Moreover, thanks to the perfect centering of the spacer, this coupling can be used in applications where a long DBSE is needed (i.e. cooling towers). The coupling can be adapted to the API 671 requirements.

The large hub version (L-hub) of the Escodisc DPU series makes selection almost independent of the shaft size. This makes it possible to select a smaller coupling compared to the DLC or DMU types.




The economic solution:

A simplified design with single disc concept makes the Escodisc DLC our most cost-effective solution for low to medium-sized torque and speed applications and where a maintenance-free coupling is required.

More about the DLC coupling

Thanks to FEM analysis and the standard use of laser cutting, the single disc concept can be used without any problems (no friction corrosion, no buckling) for low to medium applications. The Escodisc DLC coupling is also available in close coupled design (DLCC) for a very compact solution. The distance between the axles can be as small as 3 mm but capable of having maximum alignment error.


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Esco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Gear couplings and Disc couplings. The ESCO products can be found in the industrial and maritime sector. Turbines, compressors, pumps, production machines… ESCO keeps them on the move; and with our own service department, we also ensure that all installations stay in motion.