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The ESCO Parallel Hybrid Transmission (PHT) offers your vessel, next to the diesel engine, an extra power source. What’s more, it is an electric motor with all the benefits of full operation mode. You can switch to electric mode to save fuel or you can switch simultaneously with the diesel engine for extra power. You can also use the PHT as a generator. The ESCO Parallel Hybrid Drive also offers you all other benefits from electric sailing such as: a silent engine, relatively low maintenance and friendly to the environment. In addition, the PHT is easy to install between the diesel engine and marine transmission. Special customized connections are also possible.

Hybride aandrijvingen van ESCO
More about the PHT

Sailing on diesel and/or electric power.
The ESCO Parallel Hybrid Drive has three modes:


Diesel mode

The diesel engine propels the marine transmission directly. If all power is not used, you can use the diesel engine, via the Power Take Off (PTO), at the same time to power the electric generator. For example, it could be used to charge the battery pack of the electric motor. This opens up the possibility to run the diesel engine on the most efficient RPM.


Electric mode

The diesel engine is disconnected by an electromagnetic clutch and via the Power Take-In (PTI). The electric motor drives the marine transmission.


Boost mode

Both diesel engine and electric motor are connected and together propels the transmission


Optional Extras:

  • Temperature gauge
  • Speedometer
  • Oil level meter
  • Oil circulating pump set
  • Electric Drive set
  • Possibility for specific connections to the flywheel and primary drive
  • Different configurations concerning position of the electric motor
  • Depending on the model we have different reduction and speed up ratios available with regards to PTO and PTI RPM

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Brochure PHT Hybrid Transmissions


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