Gear boxes for mounting on diesel engines

RM gearboxes are designed for direct mounting on a diesel engine. These gearboxes are used for accelerating or reducing speed in a variety of applications. On the input side we mount either an SAE housing and fixed coupling (Rubber Block Drive) or a switchable BD or BDS clutch. The RM gearboxes are suitable for power of 12 up to 100 KW. The RCV gear box up to 150 KW.

More about our gearboxes
  • Cast iron housing (aluminum alloy on RM20)
  • Helical teeth, case hardened, shaved (grinded on the RM 150) gears
  • Shafts are manufactured from high quality steel, case hardened
  • Taper roller bearing on output shaft
  • The input shaft is supported by a single bearing inside the casing and therefore it must be driven by a pilot bearing assembled on the flywheel, in case of close coupling to Diesel engine


The RM series has a total of 6 models:

  • Rotation direction equal to that of the input (RM…S)
  • Opposite direction to those of input (RM…D)


Technical data:

  • Ratios lower than 1 indicate a gearbox performing as speed increaser, higher than 1 as speed reducer


Max input torque:

  • The maximum torque which may be transmitted on input, corresponding to a theoretical unlimited gear life and to a bearing life (L10) of 5000 hours at least, with an input speed of 2000 RPM
  • For clutch/gearbox combination, the max input torque may be limited by the clutch capacity


Max power P:

  • In Brochure mentioned maximum power that may be transmitted under normal conditions, without an oil cooling system. The values shown are only indicative in so far as the external factors create much influence, such as: air temperature, possibility of air circulation, environment conditions
  • When power is bigger than the listed value a cooling system is necessary



  • RM unit selection should be made by taking the input torque and be multiplying it by the service factor:
    1,0 light duty (centrifugal pumps, fans)
    1,5 duty (4 cyl. compressors, conveyors, hydraulic pumps)
    2,0 heavy duty (2 cyl. compressors, mixers, presses)
    2,5 very heavy duty (1 cyl. compressors, mills)
  • The resulting torque should be lower than the listed value (Me) for selected gearbox type and ratio
  • For clutch gearbox combination, the max input torque may be limited by the clutch capacity: see table TECHNICAL DATA FOR CLUTCHES



  • Use SAE 90 with EP additives
  • Units are supplied without oil; before use fill to the maximum level mark on the dipstick
  • Oil must be replaced after the first 100 working hours. Subsequent oil changes should be made every 1000 hours or every 12 months, whichever is the sooner
  • Check regularly the oil level



  • The maximum oil temperature during continuous operation must not exceed 95°C. Please check this temperature during the first working hours
  • In the event the maximum power limits are to be exceeded, the RM models 120 and 150 are available with oil cooling system

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