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Simultaneously using multiple hydraulic pumps with one power source? Twin Disc Technodrive has a wide range of pump drives with various gear ratios. The pump drives are modular built and can be mounted directly to the SAE motor-flywheel connection with a flexible or switchable clutch. The standard is set with Twin Disc Technodrive Pump drives.

Pompverdeelkasten van Twin Disc
More details of the pump drives
  • The pump drives are equipped with cast iron houses
  • Hardened and sharpened gears and shafts
  • Viton-seal on the input shaft
  • Output rotation direction is opposite to the input direction of rotation
  • Both speed up and speed down ratios are available
  • Forced cooling depending on application
  • Do you need additional pump connectors on input side? Ask for the possibilities!
  • Available accessories: SAE and DIN pump-adaptor kits
  • Maximum input torque calculated with theoretically infinite life span of the gears and 5000 hours for the bearings

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AM 100

  • Maximum Power input 783 KW (1.050 HP) at ratio 1:1 @ 2.100 RPM
  • Compact design
  • Up to 4 pump connections possible
  • SAE #0 & SAE #1 input/output housing
  • SAE 18 ″ & SAE 14 ″ input/output flywheel
  • SAE “A” to SAE “D” pump adapters available


AM 100 and AM 200 Series


  • 180 KW (242 hp) at ratio 1:1 @ 3200 rpm


AM200 Series:

  • 205 KW (275 hp) at ratio 1:1 @ 3200 rpm for the AM216
  • 700 KW (939 hp) at ratio 1:1 @ 2600 rpm for the AM270

AM110 en AM200 serie

AM 300 and AM 400 Series

AM300 series:

  • 205 KW (275 hp) at ratio 1:1 @ 3200 rpm for the AM320
  • 700 KW (939 hp) at ratio 1:1 @ 2600 rpm for the AM370


AM400 series:

  • 640 KW (858 hp) at ratio 1:1 @ 3200 rpm for the AM450
  • 700 KW (939 hp) at ratio 1:1 @ 1800 RPM for the AM480

AM300 en AM400 serie


Twin Disc Technodrive

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Based in the United States, Twin Disc company develops and manufactures drive systems and operating systems for both industrial and maritime applications. Since 1918, Twin Disc stands for absolute quality, craftsmanship and innovation, and is one of the leading companies in the industry. Twin Disc is a globally operating organization with offices in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. In the Netherlands, Esco Aandrijvingen BV is the exclusive partner of Twin Disc.