Planetary Gearboxes

Efficient and compact planetary gearboxes

In close cooperation with Bonfiglioli engineers, we design efficient and tailor-made solutions for your drive!

With three Business Units: Power Transmission Solutions, Mechatronic Drives; Solutions and Mobile & Wind Solutions, Bonfiglioli has all the know-how and experience needed to support and grow your business.

Esco Aandrijvingen BV supplies planetary gearboxes for virtually any mobile or industrial application. For example; Construction machines, Agriculture and Forestry, Earthmoving equipment, but also Marine and Offshore applications.

Planetaire reductiekasten van Bonfiglioli
More about planetary reduction gearboxes
  • All planetary gearboxes are manufactured and assembled with the most modern production techniques
  • The planetary gearboxes are available with hydraulic or electric motors
  • End-drives available in dual speed version – depending on the type of hydraulic motor
  • Optional hydraulic or electrically operated parking brake
  • All drives are compact and have durable mechanical seals. In addition, the drives have a large torque capacity and high permissible load

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Planetair Hydraulic

Travel drive (700 C series)

Bonfiglioli 700C Series units are unsurpassed by any crawler or milling machines. Thanks to compact, robust design, high torque and…

Wheeldrive (600 serie)

The Bonfiglioli 600 Series is the best solution for all off-road machinery. With a compact design, high torque and load capacities, a negative…

Track drive (700 CT series)

Extremely compact, lightweight, efficient and smooth to operate, 700CT Series track drives are powered by integrated axial piston hydraulic motors.

Track drive (700 CP series)

Extremely compact, lightweight, efficient and smooth to operate, 700CP Series track drives are powered by integrated axial piston hydraulic…

Mobile Solutions

Planetair Electric

Wheel Drive (600 E series)

Bonfiglioli 600E planetary drives incorporate an integrated, maintenance-free electric motor and offer significant benefits, including compact dimensions…

Wheel Drive (600 W with BPD Electric Motor)

The 600W planetary wheel drives can be coupled with a high-power density electric motor, as well as a conventional hydraulic motor. This…

500 Series – Electric solution for Cementmixer

This solution is designed for use with medium/large mixer trucks that have medium/long delivery distances to travel. Bonfiglioli’s innovative…

Electrical Solutions

Applications and downloads

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Brochure Acces platforms

Brochure Road Machinery

Brochure Concrete trucks & Mixers

Brochure Construction Industry

Brochure Earth Moving

Brochure Marine & Offshore


A proud Italian family owned company which has grown into a global player within final drive technology. Bonfiglioli designs, manufacture and distributes a complete assortment of motor gearboxes, drive systems and planetary gearboxes. Bonfiglioli’s products meet the most demanding requirements for your drive. Esco Aandrijvingen concentrate on the track and wheel drives which are electrically or hydraulically driven.