500 Series – Electric solution for Cementmixer

500 Series – Electric solution for Cement Mixers

This solution is designed for use with medium/large mixer trucks that have medium/long delivery distances to travel. Bonfiglioli’s innovative solution comprises of a Bonfiglioli 500 Series gearbox coupled with an AC electric motor, providing normal power, and a DC electric motor for emergency use. This product not only guarantees greater energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption, but also helps cut cement mixer truck operating costs. Performance is improved too – rotation speed control is more accurate, operating noise levels are significantly lower. Finally, functionality remains higher in the event of a failure – the presence of a second backup DC motor provides reassuring redundancy and eliminates the risks and potentially hazardous situations caused by failures of the drum emptying system.

Key benefits

  • Service intervals less frequent and simplified versus the standard hydraulic solution
  • Better drum rotation speed control
  • The emergency electric DC motor allows higher availability in case of machine failure
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Optimized gear design for maximum efficiency and minimal noise

Maindrive: 1:220
Redundant drive: 1:2200

Max. Torque

Maindrive: 60000 Nm
Redundant drive: 10500 Nm

Max Input RPM

Maindrive: 3500 rpm
Redundant drive: 2000 rpm


Oil Quantity: 8 ltr
Weight: 328 kg
Protection Class: IP66

Motor data

Maindrive: Induction AC
Redundant drive: PM DC motor


Maindrive: 40 kW

Redundant drive 2 kW


Maindrive: 170 Vac

Redundant drive: 24 Vdc


Maindrive: Liquid cooling

Redundant Drive: Air cooling

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