After Sales from A to Z

A good service is paramount to ESCO Aandrijvingen – both during the advisory and procurement process and thereafter. You can always rely on ESCO Aandrijvingen for prompt after-sales! From flawless commissioning (if desired) to maintenance and service – our team of service engineers and our extensive selection of Twin Disc spare parts are at your disposal in the Netherlands 24/7. Are you outside the Netherlands? No problem. Just give us a call and you can also count on our service team!
We have a fully equipped workshop at our Alphen aan den Rijn location, with many special tools and the possibility to test Marine transmissions and gearboxes. All of our service engineers are skilled craftsmen. They have thorough knowledge of not only of our own products, but also of the products of our suppliers. ESCO Aandrijvingen has a solid working relationship with all our manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure a fast and efficient response in case of emergencies. All in all, a first-rate service delivered by skilled people is paramount.

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Preventive inspection for Marine Transmissions

When it comes to vessels, the marine transmissions are a vital part of the drive system. This is why we recommend that these are checked regularly. As a result of regular checks, possible failures and high recovery costs can be avoided at an early stage. If you are interested in a preventative inspection, we offer customized maintenance contracts.
Usually, regular maintenance such as changing the oil and cleaning/replacing the filter, is sufficient to allow the transmission to function properly. ESCO Aandrijvingen delivers a preventative inspection along with reporting. This complete report makes it easy to keep track of a maintenance log, which can be useful for insurance purposes or possible sales. For more information about a customized maintenance contract at ESCO Aandrijvingen please contact our office in Alphen aan den Rijn (Phone 0031 (0) 172 423332) or mail to:

The preventive inspection of ESCO marine transmissions consists of the following components:

Visual inspection on:

  • Deterioration of the gears.
  • Foundation bolts.
  • Propeller shaft bolts.
  • Flexible coupling.
  • Leakage.



  • Inspection, cleaning or replacing oil filter.
  • Refresh the oil (if necessary).


Test run and control:

  • Run tecmeting (only MGX models).
  • Control of working pressure and oil pressure.
  • Oil temperature.
  • Switching behavior.
  • Alarms.
  • Control units of the marine transmission and their connections.


Oil analysis

A lubricating oil sample is analyzed by an independent laboratory and the findings are reported to you. On the basis of the results, ESCO Aandrijvingen delivers a report with advice on what is the best course of action for you.