Gear couplings

Esco gear couplings: Ideal for heavy duty work!

Our robust gear couplings are developed and manufactured by ESCO. They are among the very best in the world, which is shown by countless references from our clients. Escogear couplings are perfectly capable of conveying very large torque at small dimensions. The unique Multicrown tooth form compensates for larger alignment errors at constant torque capacity. Escogear couplings owe their durability and efficiency, among other things, to the forged steel main components and the Multicrown teeth (F-and C-M series), which guarantees a maximum contact surface at different alignment errors.

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  • A very reliable solution with high torque capacity & wide angle deviation allowing for use under combined load, speed and alignment conditions
  • Simple selection of coupling
  • Large bore capacity at minimum weight
  • We guarantee the highest production quality & long life-span
  • Esco Multicrown teeth profile
  • Perfect constant velocity torque transfer
  • Tiny clearance reduces impact of shock load
  • Perfect centering capability
  • No friction corrosion because of zinc dipped joints

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Most Compact Solution!

Thanks to the high torque capacity and sleeve from one piece, the Escogear C and C… M-couplings are the most compact answer to any application. Compared with other couplings, the C-series is lower in weight and has a smaller outer diameter. This makes the Escogear C-series ideal for use in applications where weight is important and space is limited.



Less stress and fatigue:

The ESCO Multicrown teeth form is designed in such a way that there is a continuous larger contact surface than conventional gear couplings. The design also gives less recoil when reversing the direction of rotation, resulting in a quieter and better functioning installation.



The ESCOGEAR couplings of the N-series are distinguished by:
  • Maximum bores for standardized axles according to ISO and IEC
  • Smaller outside dimension and weight
  • Easy installation, no special tooling required
  • Reliability and minimal maintenance


High Speed

High Performance!

The Escogear High-Speed series couplings are oil-lubricated high-performance gear couplings. This type of coupling is used in high-power/high-speed applications and have a specially developed tooth geometry and special cooling/lubrication based on grease or oil. This results in a coupling that can operate continuously for a long time without maintenance. The components are made of high-alloy forged steel and the teeth are hardened. The coupling is always balanced and meets the requirements of API671. The Escogear High-Speed series is robust and reliable.

High Speed


Nylon Couplings

The Esconyl series are non-lubricated elastic gear couplings. The sleeve is made of Nylon and the hubs are available in various materials. The coupling is suitable for high alignment errors and operates up to temperatures of 60° C. Suitable for a maximum torque up to 300 Nm and bores up to 60 mm.

The Esconyl Series offers:

  • Composite Sleeves
  • Depending on the model the Hubs are available in Nylon, Zamak and Steel, with our Multicrown teeth
  • Alignment errors up to 1.5°
  • Easy installation



Elastic couplings

Elastic Clutch Escoflex A-Series:

Classic coupling with rubber blocks and cast iron hubs. The coupling is used for applications with a torque up to 2,850 Nm and bores from 9 to 100 mm. The coupling is suitable for close mounting and light applications.

  • Very simple installation
  • Rubber blocks are easy to replace


Elastic coupling Escoflex S & R Series:

Composed of only 3 components, 1 rubber ring with 2 Zamak hubs. The small coupling is suitable for applications with torque up to 38 Nm and bores from 6 to 42 mm.

  • Lightweight
  • Non-Ferro materials
  • Only the angle alignment is captured

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About Esco

Esco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Gear couplings and Disc couplings. The ESCO products can be found in the industrial and maritime sector. Turbines, compressors, pumps, production machines… ESCO keeps them on the move; and with our own service department, we also ensure that all installations stay in motion.