Braden, Cargo, Gearmatic winches

PACCAR Winch Division has an unprecedented range of winches and offers solutions for a wide variety of industrial and marine applications. Paccar’s winches are manufactured under the brand names Braden, Cargo and Gearmatic. ESCO Aandrijvingen BV is the exclusive dealer of these high quality winches. In addition to application advice, ESCO also offers reliable service and fast delivery of original Braden, Cargo and Gearmatic spare parts.

Lieren van Paccar Winch Division
More about our winches

Braden, Cargo, Gearmatic winches are part of PACCAR and are produced in the US to the highest standards

Also suitable for Man-Riding applications (certified)

Single or two speed motors and multiple drum sizes available

The different application areas are:

  • Maritime industry
  • Oil & Gas and Offshore
  • Cranes
  • Trailer
  • Dredging

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Planetary Hydraulic Hoist Winches

From 1300 kg to 29.1 mt:

The planetary winches are designed for long service life and efficient operation. From the compact, powerful BG series to the solid construction of the CH-series, and the most popular PD12 – each winch is made to meet the toughest demands that the industry requires. To illustrate: for continuity, large drum capacity, high efficiency, adjustable freespool, compact design or low maintenance frequency.

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Recovery Winches

Wormgear lier Upright foto

The recovery winch is a high performance product designed to last for many years. There are several options to expand the possibilities for the winches. The recovery winches are equipped with a worm gear or with a planetary drive, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically in a frame.

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Tail Winches

Tractor Winches

The mechanically or hydraulically driven winches are designed for use on almost all brands of tractors and dozers.

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Pneumatic winches

Air Winch Pneumatische Lier

Building on the good reputation of Braden with regards to performance and reliability, we present a new pneumatic winch. The Braden Air series uses components from the “PD” series which have proven their service for a long time. With innovative technology, impressive performance and a solid network for service and parts, we offer the best winches for your application.

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About Paccar

Since 1983, PACCAR Winch Division has grown to become one of the most complete manufacturers of winch systems in the world. The company originates from the American truck manufacturer PACCAR (Pacific Car and Foundry Company) and thus has a rich history dating back to 1905. The PACCAR Winch Division’s assortment includes the top brands Braden, Carco and Gearmatic.